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  • Rp 750000
  • 19-10-2020 s/d 28-10-2020
Dear MGEIers,

Hereby we would like to remind you that in just 3 more days our first ever virtual annual convention, “Strengthening Discovery and Mining Culture, Welcome Tomorrow” (SDMC 2020), will start to run.

Preceeded by 2 pre-convention workshops ("Coal Data Acquisition and Validation" on 22-24 August 2020 and "Non-Linier and Conditional Estimation in Resource Estimation" on 28-30 September 2020), the convention will run for 2 weeks (19-28 October 2020), aims to deepen participants' knowledge and skill of the issues of discovery, mining, and technology. All various topics are presented by nationally and internationally expertise.

The convention will have a special session “Revitalizing Mineral Discovery and Exploration Business in Indonesia”, scheduled to be held on 27 October 2020. Featuring Adi Maryono, Andri B. Firmanto, Prof. David Cooke, Malcolm Norris, and Owen Hegarty, it will be opened by Dr. Ridwan Djamaluddin and STJ Budi Santoso as the moderators, and will be an incredible insight into technology application in relevance to the aforementioned convention's theme.

There will be also Student Research Poster Contest (SRPC), Launching of Indonesian Journal of Economic Geology (IJEG), and Launching of Indonesian Explorer & Developer Collegium (IEDC) 2021 Event, before the post-convention workshop "Geometallurgy in Nickel Hydrometallurgy Industry".

The convention's registration fee is IDR 750,000.
For registration and further information, visit our convention website https://convention2020.mgei.or.id.


MGEI Secretariat


Registration Steps
1. Open convention2020.mgei.or.id.
2. Click "Get Tickets!" button (top right bar).
3. Choose "Personal Payment" or "Company Delegates".
4. Click "Order Now" for "Personal Payment", or "Call MGEI Contact Person" (Dian +62 81240186231) for "Company Delegates".
5. For "Personal Payment", fill "Billing Details" then choose a payment method, and you will get an e-mail notification.
6. Payment must be completed within 24 hours; if more than that, you must be registered again.
7. For "Company Delegates", follow the guidance from the MGEI's contact person.
8. Link to the Stages will be sent later, please pay attention to the e-mails.